SDG Conference 2015We, the participants of the first conference on Monitoring and Evaluating the SDGs, facilitated by the Ministry of Budget and National Planning, the Office of the Senior Specials Assistant to President on SDGs, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and supported by UNICEF and the listed partners: UNDP, UNFPA, IFAD, WHO; UNAIDS, UNCESCO, FAO, UNODC, ILO, IFAD, World Bank, Institute Nigeria, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) declare as follows:

  1. We appreciate and commend the result-driven vision and commitment of the Honourable Minister of State for Ministry of Budget and National Planning Hajiya Zainab S. Ahmed who declared: “Ministries Departments and Agencies at Federal and State level are expected to key into this direction (SDGs) and develop projects, programmes and policies in this direction. Once this is done, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting will further guide implementation and the delivery of results.”
  2. We recognize the importance of Sustainable Development Goals for the effective development of Nigeria;
  3. We affirm that Government at all levels will increase efforts to integrate the SDGs into the National and State Development Plans in order to ensure adequate domestication, prioritization and the overall successful implementation of the Agenda in Nigeria;
  4. We take cognizance of the need to expeditiously determine baseline SDGs Indicators in order to successfully benchmark progress, on an regular basis, on the SDGs in Nigeria;
  5. We place premium on multi-stakeholders’ partnerships between Government, the Private Sector, Civil Society, International Development Partners academic institutions, and research bodies, amongst others, for the attainment of the SDGs..
  6. We recognized the importance and pay due consideration to the need for, as well as continuing relevance of the Abuja Declaration on Evaluation, for the successful implementation of the SDGs in Nigeria;
  7. We recognize that institutionalization and alignment of the Monitoring and Evaluation systems at all level – Federal, States, Local Government Areas (LGAs)- are paramount in ensuring the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as endorsed by the Government of Nigeria;
  8. We understand that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and related targets have the potential to transform the Nigerian society;
  9. We commit to building capacity for reporting and monitoring across the nation in line with national and state obligations on reporting and review of the SDGs;
  10. We are cognizant that the efforts that will lead to the attainment of the SDGs need to be inclusive, transparent, guided by the principles of Good governance and accountability;
  11. We understand that monitoring the achievement of the Sustainable development Goals is paramount and should be embedded in the very efforts of achieving them;
  12. We understand that evaluating the progress on the Sustainable development Goals is paramount and should be embedded in the very efforts of achieving them;
  13. We re-affirmed the importance of professionalization of Nigerian Evaluators to ensure the quality of, and demand for Monitoring and Evaluation studies made in compliance with local agreed upon standards.
  14. The role of the private sector in supporting the government, partners and Nigeria Society as a whole in achieving and measuring the attainment of SDGs is essential;
  15. Capacity, in both the private and public sector needs to be strengthened to effectively deliver on the SDGs.
  16. We commit to exploring innovative and new sources of financing, in accordance with the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development to fund the successful implementation of the SDGs in Nigeria;

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